Karim Luxury is ambassador of Supercar Madness

Karim Luxury is ambassador of Supercar Madness

On November 3rd, the first edition of Supercar Madness will take place at the Dubai Autodrome. The organization is already busy making all the preparations and wanted to take this opportunity to announce the first ambassador. None other than Karim Luxury will be one of the faces of Supercar Madness 2024!

Who is Karim Haddad, also known as Karim Luxury?

Karim was born on June 18th, 1983. From an early age, he harbored a desire to forge his own path and create something unique. Following his education, he embarked on a journey that led him to Dubai. With a rich professional background, Karim has held roles at esteemed companies worldwide, including McLaren, Bentley Motors, and Land Rover. Alongside his thriving career as a real estate consultant, he also collaborates with Roger Dubuis, a prestigious Swiss luxury watch manufacturer based in Geneva, Switzerland. In terms of his social media presence, Karim's Instagram lifestyle has garnered a significant following, with hundreds of thousands of people (630k on Instagram) aspiring to emulate his success. His global network spans far and wide, contributing to his impressive influence in the industry. Renowned in his field, Karim exudes self-confidence and continuously seeks out new opportunities. With his high-profile lifestyle and innovative business strategies, he is poised to revolutionize the luxury real estate sector.

How will his ambassadorship look like?
Karim will firstly be present at the Dubai Autodrome during Supercar Madness. Besides being an ambassador, he is also a genuine car enthusiast, so where better to be on November 3rd than at the Dubai Autodrome? In addition to Karim's presence at the circuit, he will utilize his social media channels in the lead-up to the event to generate attention. With 630,000 followers on Instagram alone, who are avid fans of the luxurious lifestyle he showcases, Karim's involvement will hopefully attract even more attention among the car-loving audience in the Emirates.